New Song 'Lost In Rock and Roll' Out Soon

So my last song " I Need You Woman" was by far and away my most succesful to date. It had almost a 70% save rate on spotify which to me is phenomenal. Much appreciated to all around the world who took it to their hearts. It has a strong following in Turkey and Mexico.

I am still early in my journey so I need to keep moving forward, 3 songs isn't a lot really.

So onto my next song 'Lost In Rock and Roll'. It revolves around the concept of armageddon is here and you have one day left to do everything you wanted to do. It seems very topical in the world's current predicament and I wish I could say I have the forsight to have written it with that in mind, alas it is sheer coincidence. I wrote this song in 2015 and have been waiting to record and release it. I am relieved to say it has been released from my captivity, or will be in the very near future.

Keep your eye to ground and your ears peeled!!


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