Come on Own up...who was it?!?

Some poor soul in Liverpool on Wednesday decided to play my song I Need You Woman 96 times on repeat. This over 4 hours in total. If I was Kanye I would say " well yeah they have great taste"…


Latest song Make Your Mind Up Time is out now

A contender for the best song on the album here. I think it is one of my best. It took about 12 years to complete in fits and starts and was finished in 2017. Glad to get it out of…


Album Has Arrived All Shiny and New

Well it has been a long time coming but the big box of CDs has finally arrived hot from the press. I'm glad to say they look great. The quality is excellent. Now I've just gotta set up the shipment…


New single Make Your Mind up Time will be out soon.

Great stuff. The new single Make Your Mind up Time will be ready to stream in the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled. It was written over the course of about 12 years and finished in 2017. A…


Don't Do Me Bad Now Out

So damn the virus...I really wanted my 3 brothers and my dad to sing the harmonies on this tune...the virus had other plans. So it just me but it aint too bad. I really think once lockdown is over I'll…


New Song 'Don't Do Me Bad' Out Soon.

Well it has been a while coming. Almost 3 months has gone by since my last song "Lost in Rock and Roll" was released. As expected it didn't do as well as 'I Need You Woman'. It is one of…


Reviews for Lost In Rock and Roll

Some cool reactions to the song Lost in Rock and Roll

Claire Kelly: Brilliant xx

Mark Ricardo Cutler: Nice one my mate. A possible combo of Petty and the Eagles. And that is no small compliment

Matt D Brady: Top…


New Song 'Lost In Rock and Roll' Out Soon

So my last song " I Need You Woman" was by far and away my most succesful to date. It had almost a 70% save rate on spotify which to me is phenomenal. Much appreciated to all around the world…


Countdown to New Song 'I Need You Woman'.

My latest song 'I Need You Woman' is out next Friday 28/08/20. It is one of my better ones I believe.

It is about something we have pretty much all experienced but rarely talk about. When someone you love turns…


Mersey Like Wine Reviews

Got some great feedback from Facebook, including:

Mark Edwards - Awesome mate.

Andi Leck - Double thumbs up

Gaz Mac - Got a very beatley/byrds riff going on here. Pretty cool

Claire Kelly - Both tracks sound great And, Boss…