New song Afraid of the Rain Out Now 

For me personally this is the best vocal performance I have to date. I did it in one take, sat down and sang my heart out. I was surprised when I listened back that I didn't want to change anything. It is probably my most organic performance too. I wrote the song about 7 years ago and again it has been waiting to emerge from my head.

This song is stream of conciousness lyrically. It is fairly personal about mental health. The rain is a euphemism for mental chatter. The internal critical voice which sometimes becomes too loud to ignore. A constant pitter patter of distraction which seems to be only overcome by creating a stronger monologue to drown it out. Eventually one can feel overwhelmed in the 'rain', almost drowning. Hence being 'afraid of the rain' and the silence that can make it stand out....fairly heavy I know

It is always important to not suffer. If you feel you would benefit from getting some help do not suffer in silence...XXX

Party of One is out. 

Latest song Party of One is out now. It is possibly the most traditional song on the album. I wrote it fairly recently compared to the others and I love the opening riff, it is very uplifting to me. It has a certain 90's feel and a little almost country twang.

It references New Years Eve but I released it in the middle of the year for some reason...if I had more sense I should have waited...oh well.

You Tube is a calling 

I've been making music so long that it seems I've neglected my You Tube channel. I would really like to make some videos of cover songs I like, videos for my own songs and some harmony singing. So I am just getting the equipment together. As with all I am doing it isn'tmeant to be ground breaking just some good ol fashioned honest to goodness solid videos.

I can't say keep yuor eyes peeled but that is where I am up to at the moment. Expensive though...!

Ok I have made up my mind regarding Make Your MInd up time 

In some cosmic irony it has taken a few days to reach a decision. This song has been pulled from all sites it is available. A take down notice has been issued by the distributor which could take up to 30 days. The song has been replaced by the album mix version. Hopefully it will be seamless. The original mix will no longer available after the switch takes place.

...update...the switch is made. If you listen after the 13/05/21 you will hear the album version on all platforms.

It has come to light that the song may not be available on playlists if you added it before the may have to re-add it.


Come on Own up...who was it?!? 

Some poor soul in Liverpool on Wednesday decided to play my song I Need You Woman 96 times on repeat. This over 4 hours in total. If I was Kanye I would say " well yeah they have great taste". I'm not Kanye so I can only fathom that they fell asleep listening to the song. I feel a mix of pride and sympathy I guess.


But overall thanks for being interested. That is cool ta.

Latest song Make Your Mind Up Time is out now 

A contender for the best song on the album here. I think it is one of my best. It took about 12 years to complete in fits and starts and was finished in 2017. Glad to get it out of me and into the world. It is about a couple torn apart but staying together for the kids. So not a cheery one but alas a sadly practical everyday love song which is meaningful in its own way. It is possibly my favourite song on the album but maybe too unusual for the casual listener.

The mix of the single is slightly different to the album. The single is mainly mono with the vocal slightly lower in the mix. After I recorded it I left it for a few months to give it some space. When I came back to it with fresh ears I truly loved the mix and couldn't replicate it with later versions of the song. The initial mix just has a sonic magic for me so i put it out like that. In some places the vocals interwine with the music and become like an instrument itself. This is kind of how REM used to do some tracks. The vocals as part of the track but fairly unintelligle in points. The album version the vocals are subtley more prominent and instrumentation more spacious.

I do love this song and hopefully the mix will not put people off, but as Chuck Berry said "it goes to show you never can tell".

Album Has Arrived All Shiny and New 

Well it has been a long time coming but the big box of CDs has finally arrived hot from the press. I'm glad to say they look great. The quality is excellent. Now I've just gotta set up the shipment process and we'll be ready to rock and roll. So over the next few days a physical album will be available on the site.

New single Make Your Mind up Time will be out soon.  

Great stuff. The new single Make Your Mind up Time will be ready to stream in the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled. It was written over the course of about 12 years and finished in 2017. A fictional tale of a couple torn apart but loving their kids. I do believe this is one of the best songs I have ever written but that is not for me to decide. Sometimes the things you are most proud of aren't very popular. That is the way of things.

Also it has been a while coming as I wanted this song to be released at the same time as the physical CD album becoming available. There won't be a big hoohaa about the release as I'm way too small an artist for anyone to notice. Moving forward though it is a big jump for me. I have never had a physical album before and it is more just to say I've done it.