New single Make Your Mind up Time will be out soon.  

Great stuff. The new single Make Your Mind up Time will be ready to stream in the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled. It was written over the course of about 12 years and finished in 2017. A fictional tale of a couple torn apart but loving their kids. I do believe this is one of the best songs I have ever written but that is not for me to decide. Sometimes the things you are most proud of aren't very popular. That is the way of things.

Also it has been a while coming as I wanted this song to be released at the same time as the physical CD album becoming available. There won't be a big hoohaa about the release as I'm way too small an artist for anyone to notice. Moving forward though it is a big jump for me. I have never had a physical album before and it is more just to say I've done it.

Don't Do Me Bad Now Out 

So damn the virus...I really wanted my 3 brothers and my dad to sing the harmonies on this tune...the virus had other plans. So it just me but it aint too bad. I really think once lockdown is over I'll get the guys together and perform a kind of stripped down You Tube vid for it. It has been described by one of my muso mates as very West Coast. I can go with that, a nice chilled vibe.

I used an old cut up band video as a header for the song, some may be searching for that. The actual video is private but if you send me your email on the sign up sheet and send me a message I'll send you a private link to it. 

I have to put in motion plans for releasing the album in the next few months.


New Song 'Don't Do Me Bad' Out Soon. 

Well it has been a while coming. Almost 3 months has gone by since my last song "Lost in Rock and Roll" was released. As expected it didn't do as well as 'I Need You Woman'. It is one of my favourites but the subject was acceptedly too dark for our current times. The end of the world is probably not the best topic for lockdown lol. My next tune has a fairly summery vibe, not as a reaction to the previous song. I just release in sequence at the moment.

So I recorded all the songs for the first album in April 2020 during 1st lockdown. After listening again I decided the instrumentation for the next song release was way too Beatlesy. I wanted a more stripped down vibe and a change of key. So I have rerecorded it and it has taken a lot longer than I wanted. It has already in the distributors systems and will be released very soon. Keep you ears peeled.

I may release the older version as a reprise on the physical album which will be out this year.

Reviews for Lost In Rock and Roll 

Some cool reactions to the song Lost in Rock and Roll

Claire Kelly: Brilliant xx

Mark Ricardo Cutler: Nice one my mate. A possible combo of Petty and the Eagles. And that is no small compliment

Matt D Brady: Top draw good sir.

Lonnie Fleminski: Awesome Job!!

John Rowlands BSc Biomed.Sci: "It said it was the end of the world or suttin, so I turned it off, off his ed that lad"

New Song 'Lost In Rock and Roll' Out Soon 

So my last song " I Need You Woman" was by far and away my most succesful to date. It had almost a 70% save rate on spotify which to me is phenomenal. Much appreciated to all around the world who took it to their hearts. It has a strong following in Turkey and Mexico.

I am still early in my journey so I need to keep moving forward, 3 songs isn't a lot really.

So onto my next song 'Lost In Rock and Roll'. It revolves around the concept of armageddon is here and you have one day left to do everything you wanted to do. It seems very topical in the world's current predicament and I wish I could say I have the forsight to have written it with that in mind, alas it is sheer coincidence. I wrote this song in 2015 and have been waiting to record and release it. I am relieved to say it has been released from my captivity, or will be in the very near future.

Keep your eye to ground and your ears peeled!!


Countdown to New Song 'I Need You Woman'. 

My latest song 'I Need You Woman' is out next Friday 28/08/20. It is one of my better ones I believe.

It is about something we have pretty much all experienced but rarely talk about. When someone you love turns their back on you. The reaction is similar to/is grief in its darkest moments and people deal with it in different ways. At some point though everyone has to realise they must move on. So it is positive in that sense but it deals with a subject that may be difficult to access for some.

It is written hoping that some will feel support or acknowledgement of their situation. It isn't about anyone in particular as I feel the physical and emotional reaction are common to us all...but if you know.

Whilst others seem to constantly build themselves up, I feel we're not really getting anywhere unless we're stripping ourselves back. Without giving up a piece of ourselves there is no real art. So however uncomfortable it may make others I will put this out.

It is not a cool song. It wont make you cool by association. I am not a cool person. It is about much more than that.

To be notified when it comes out follow me on spotify here


Mersey Like Wine Reviews 

Got some great feedback from Facebook, including:

Mark Edwards - Awesome mate.

Andi Leck - Double thumbs up

Gaz Mac - Got a very beatley/byrds riff going on here. Pretty cool

Claire Kelly - Both tracks sound great And, Boss, added them to my liked sounds on Spotify so they'll be in constant rotation

Matt D Brady - Rocking brother.

Michael Franey - Boss that. These will get many plays next week while I’m on holiday

Thanks everyone. Much Appreciated.

Mersey Like Wine is out!! 

So I'm getting the ball rolling and staking my claim on the platform profiles with my early releases. The spotify numbers are moving up slowly. There is no need to artificially inflate the growth as it needs to happen organically. So baby steps for now but I am excited about how things are moving.

It is important not to rely on friends and family as it isn't really fair on them, hopefully I can reach a wider audience with the platforms I am using. So from the next release I shall attempt to push things farther afield.

These are strange turbulent times we are living in. It is easy to give yourself to the panic. Sometimes music can best serve as a distraction. A reminder that better things still exist within us like singing and dancing. The world is in so much trouble it seems trite maybe release positive music...but if it helps in anyway I suppose it is something.

Stay safe and if you can stay positive.


Next single...Mersey Like Wine...31/07/20 

Well I got organised and decided I couldn't wait till the end of August for my next song to come out. So I decided to put out another one of my tracks in the meantime. This will only really need some local sharing and shouldn't be subject to whole release processing times. At least my original release schedule, if not the order, will remain intact. The song is a tribute to my home city Liverpool and I would think may not translate well anywhere else. Can't be sure of that of course...I mean...what do I know really.

Sometimes I really think, we in Liverpool, are extremely blessed to live in one of the coolest places on earth. Others really aren't afforded that luxury. We are a port city surrounded by water and share features with similar cities such as New York and Seattle. We are west coast and get some fab sunsets. John Lennon loved New York but even they don't get that.

Speaking of John Lennon we are blessed to have cultural history that other places would love to have...not that it is a competition of course. Having your home known for music is really exciting and grounding at the same time.

So number 6 song on first album gets a bump up the queue. Mersey Like Wine will be released on 31/07/20. It is a song that is very Liverpool. It is almost a drinking song(it even has wine in the title) but mainly cos it has a pub vibe...almost Irish roots. Long gone is the Irish centre now but the few times I went it seems like it wouldn't have been out of place in there. It has a very 60's McCartney type bass line as do a lot of Merseyside songs. I love these bass lines and they a lot of fun to play and dance to. My time playing bass in Beatles tribute bands has served me well. It also has a 12 string guitar in it which is very Byrds or George Harrison.

I had to choose a release category for the distributor and the closest one to it was Merseybeat. I don't write many of this type but it is one of my faves and even though it's slightly different, it deserves it place on the album.

Oh!..and if for some strange reason you are here reading this, please don't drink the Mersey...every scouser knows it isn't really wine, or even 'like' probably won't do you any good!

Follow my Spotify playlist to hear it when it comes out.

AAArrrrgggghhh!!! 6 weeks to wait for new single. 

Holy shitballs!! Current processing times for streaming is 6 weeks. This means my new song " I Need You Woman" will be available to stream on the 28th of August. Not this month as planned but next month!!!!

I gotta pull my finger out and get organised if I want to reach my 50 song target this millenium.

I believe it is one of my better songs so I shall attempt to promote it enough and give it its due day in the sun.