New song Afraid of the Rain Out Now

For me personally this is the best vocal performance I have to date. I did it in one take, sat down and sang my heart out. I was surprised when I listened back that I didn't want to change anything. It is probably my most organic performance too. I wrote the song about 7 years ago and again it has been waiting to emerge from my head.

This song is stream of conciousness lyrically. It is fairly personal about mental health. The rain is a euphemism for mental chatter. The internal critical voice which sometimes becomes too loud to ignore. A constant pitter patter of distraction which seems to be only overcome by creating a stronger monologue to drown it out. Eventually one can feel overwhelmed in the 'rain', almost drowning. Hence being 'afraid of the rain' and the silence that can make it stand out....fairly heavy I know

It is always important to not suffer. If you feel you would benefit from getting some help do not suffer in silence...XXX

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