Happy New Year in 2022!

Well it's 2022, The release cycle for Songs from the Prison River is over. There are no more songs from this album left. It is time to move onto the next album. SFTPR had a wide range of songs on it with differing vibes, I would like to tighten up this next album and have a more focussed sound.

It has hit me that after recording, the song can take on a different life from the demo version, sometimes it is the organic sound of the acoustic demo that connects me to the song. That can get a bit lost when extra instrumentation is added. So I believe I'd like an earthier, more acoustic feel on these next songs. 

As a bonus it should make it faster to record and easier to produce a solo live show. 

As mentioned previously songs for the next four albums are already written. I originally intended to record songs in order and eventually get round to recording songs I am currently writing in succession. This would mean my albums are always retrospective and not current, so I may never, depending on circumstance, record those songs. It seems to make more sense to record both past and current songs together. 

That is the plan anyway.

Good luck and the best of wishes for whatever you have planned for yourselves in 2022.

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