Latest song Make Your Mind Up Time is out now

A contender for the best song on the album here. I think it is one of my best. It took about 12 years to complete in fits and starts and was finished in 2017. Glad to get it out of me and into the world. It is about a couple torn apart but staying together for the kids. So not a cheery one but alas a sadly practical everyday love song which is meaningful in its own way. It is possibly my favourite song on the album but maybe too unusual for the casual listener.

The mix of the single is slightly different to the album. The single is mainly mono with the vocal slightly lower in the mix. After I recorded it I left it for a few months to give it some space. When I came back to it with fresh ears I truly loved the mix and couldn't replicate it with later versions of the song. The initial mix just has a sonic magic for me so i put it out like that. In some places the vocals interwine with the music and become like an instrument itself. This is kind of how REM used to do some tracks. The vocals as part of the track but fairly unintelligle in points. The album version the vocals are subtley more prominent and instrumentation more spacious.

I do love this song and hopefully the mix will not put people off, but as Chuck Berry said "it goes to show you never can tell".

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