Next single...Mersey Like Wine...31/07/20

Well I got organised and decided I couldn't wait till the end of August for my next song to come out. So I decided to put out another one of my tracks in the meantime. This will only really need some local sharing and shouldn't be subject to whole release processing times. At least my original release schedule, if not the order, will remain intact. The song is a tribute to my home city Liverpool and I would think may not translate well anywhere else. Can't be sure of that of course...I mean...what do I know really.

Sometimes I really think, we in Liverpool, are extremely blessed to live in one of the coolest places on earth. Others really aren't afforded that luxury. We are a port city surrounded by water and share features with similar cities such as New York and Seattle. We are west coast and get some fab sunsets. John Lennon loved New York but even they don't get that.

Speaking of John Lennon we are blessed to have cultural history that other places would love to have...not that it is a competition of course. Having your home known for music is really exciting and grounding at the same time.

So number 6 song on first album gets a bump up the queue. Mersey Like Wine will be released on 31/07/20. It is a song that is very Liverpool. It is almost a drinking song(it even has wine in the title) but mainly cos it has a pub vibe...almost Irish roots. Long gone is the Irish centre now but the few times I went it seems like it wouldn't have been out of place in there. It has a very 60's McCartney type bass line as do a lot of Merseyside songs. I love these bass lines and they a lot of fun to play and dance to. My time playing bass in Beatles tribute bands has served me well. It also has a 12 string guitar in it which is very Byrds or George Harrison.

I had to choose a release category for the distributor and the closest one to it was Merseybeat. I don't write many of this type but it is one of my faves and even though it's slightly different, it deserves it place on the album.

Oh!..and if for some strange reason you are here reading this, please don't drink the Mersey...every scouser knows it isn't really wine, or even 'like' probably won't do you any good!

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