Countdown to New Song 'I Need You Woman'.

My latest song 'I Need You Woman' is out next Friday 28/08/20. It is one of my better ones I believe.

It is about something we have pretty much all experienced but rarely talk about. When someone you love turns their back on you. The reaction is similar to/is grief in its darkest moments and people deal with it in different ways. At some point though everyone has to realise they must move on. So it is positive in that sense but it deals with a subject that may be difficult to access for some.

It is written hoping that some will feel support or acknowledgement of their situation. It isn't about anyone in particular as I feel the physical and emotional reaction are common to us all...but if you know.

Whilst others seem to constantly build themselves up, I feel we're not really getting anywhere unless we're stripping ourselves back. Without giving up a piece of ourselves there is no real art. So however uncomfortable it may make others I will put this out.

It is not a cool song. It wont make you cool by association. I am not a cool person. It is about much more than that.

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