Good Ol' Chuck used to say "You really can never tell" and bloody hell he was right.

Just because I like a song it doesn't mean others will. I thought 'Fool in Love' would do the best from the album but it actually did the worst. Anyhoo it does give me some pointers for the next album. I like the idea that the process is dynamic and steered by the listeners. The songs are written for the next album but it gives me an idea for the treatment of them.

Soooo we come to the crux of the past 18 months. The album release. It comes out just before Adele's and Ed Sheeran new album so mine is bound to do well(sarcasm). As I have said there is no point in a huge fanfare as I'm not a big enough artist to make a splash. It will just come out and hopefully some of the multiple releases will be tidied up and subsumed into the one entity. It has been available physically on my website for a while but it will be released on all platforms and can be bought online at various outlets, including Amazon, but as always it better to buy from the artist directly here.

Thank you to everyone who has listened to or is following my efforts so far. It is very, very much appreciated.

I have recently acquired the video equipment for You Tube as mentioned previously, so that is moving forward also.


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