New Song 'Don't Do Me Bad' Out Soon.

Well it has been a while coming. Almost 3 months has gone by since my last song "Lost in Rock and Roll" was released. As expected it didn't do as well as 'I Need You Woman'. It is one of my favourites but the subject was acceptedly too dark for our current times. The end of the world is probably not the best topic for lockdown lol. My next tune has a fairly summery vibe, not as a reaction to the previous song. I just release in sequence at the moment.

So I recorded all the songs for the first album in April 2020 during 1st lockdown. After listening again I decided the instrumentation for the next song release was way too Beatlesy. I wanted a more stripped down vibe and a change of key. So I have rerecorded it and it has taken a lot longer than I wanted. It has already in the distributors systems and will be released very soon. Keep you ears peeled.

I may release the older version as a reprise on the physical album which will be out this year.

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