Mersey Like Wine is out!!

So I'm getting the ball rolling and staking my claim on the platform profiles with my early releases. The spotify numbers are moving up slowly. There is no need to artificially inflate the growth as it needs to happen organically. So baby steps for now but I am excited about how things are moving.

It is important not to rely on friends and family as it isn't really fair on them, hopefully I can reach a wider audience with the platforms I am using. So from the next release I shall attempt to push things farther afield.

These are strange turbulent times we are living in. It is easy to give yourself to the panic. Sometimes music can best serve as a distraction. A reminder that better things still exist within us like singing and dancing. The world is in so much trouble it seems trite maybe release positive music...but if it helps in anyway I suppose it is something.

Stay safe and if you can stay positive.


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